The Park

The Veterans Memorial Park is located on the corner of Broadway Street and 8th Avenue in Alexandria, Minnesota.

It anchors historic downtown Alexandria on the south and welcomes visitors coming from the interstate.

The park is an ideal setting for civic events and celebrations such as Memorial Day, July Fourth and Veterans Day.

The main focus of the Veterans Memorial Park is the 9-foot granite replica of the Liberty Bell placed in the center of a Pentagon and Star if seen from above.

Nine flagpoles will display flags of the United States, State of Minnesota, POW-MIA, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.

Granite monoliths are inscribed with the names of over 7,000 veterans.

The park features a picnic pavilion and a heated restroom complex.

The Veterans Memorial Park is wheelchair accessible.

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Veterans Memorial Park is a beautiful addition to Alexandria, and definitely worth stopping to see.

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